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Open Tables Communities sees the benefit of healthy and robust discussions regarding theological beliefs and understandings. However the ministries’ emphasis centres around human flourishing and the invitation of God seen through the Jesus story, to fully experience love and extend that love to others.


Therefore, rather than statements of belief, the ministry has stated cultural ideals which are characteristic of generous space environments. Open Table Communities invites people to nurture these characteristics in themselves and in the various places they live, work and play.


A Culture Informed and Inspired by the Jesus Story

 We nurture cultures that are anchored in the Jesus story, his life, death and resurrection. We nurture a view of God that is seen through the lens of Christ, and consider how this way of seeing God, the world and human activity is conducive to all human Flourishing.


A Culture that Celebrates an Evolving Faith

We nurture questions, doubts and uncertainty because of where they lead us. We celebrate the movement of learning, un-learning and re-learning that takes place in all of life and specifically a life of faith.


A Culture of Empathy and Compassion

We nurture relationships and gatherings where being with people in the midst of their journey, is more important than being right or being in control. We encourage empathetic listening and compassion for each person’s unique journey and story, including our own.


A Culture of Mutuality

We nurture a culture where everyone is encouraged towards becoming their best selves and offering themselves in service of others. We seek to empower one-another and the communities we participate in, through using our gifts to bless and serve.


A Culture of Justice

 We nurture a culture that actively seeks to dismantle barriers that prevent human flourishing, while upholding and acting on standards of justice, such as; equality, equity, fairness, impartiality and goodness.


 A Culture of Generosity

 We nurture a practice of giving and blessing others and sharing the resources we have with those who do not have. We view generosity as an act of resistance against greed and systems of exploitation. We learn to hold a generous posture with our ears for listening, our questions for understanding and our words for sharing our stories, perspectives and lived experience.


A Culture of Hospitality

 We nurture a culture of openness to everyone, including those who are different from us. This is accomplished through opening up our lives and homes to others. We choose to live in the tensions that come with inclusion rather than the barriers created by exclusion.


A Culture of Honesty

 We nurture a posture of relational, emotional and intellectual honesty. We value relational honesty with others and self, emotional honesty in identification and expression of feelings, and intellectual honesty with regard to truth.

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