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Helping people explore

a healthy and wholistic spirituality anchored in the Jesus Story













One of our stated cultural values with Open Table Communities is that we celebrate an evolving faith.  The inevitability of growing up and releasing unhelpful and unhealthy ways of seeing, believing and acting and embracing new and fresh ways of living in the world.  This is a beautiful and necessary part of being human.  A changing faith landscape is not something to be threatened by, rather, it is something to embrace, celebrate, follow and explore with trusted friends on the road you are travelling. 


Open Table Communities began 3 years ago under the umbrella of the Alliance in Canada.  At that time we envisioned OTC being a new expression of Church.  What we did not account for was the way we would evolve and grow, requiring us to shed old paradigms in order to embrace new paradigms.  This reality led us to making a healthy decision to hit the reset button and consider the new and ever evolving path we were on. 


On June 7th, 2021 Open Table Communities (Ministry) incorporated as a not-for-profit in Ontario and a Board of Directors was established.  A handful of us continued to meet regularly and sensed a deepening need to help people discover a healthy and wholistic spirituality anchored in the Jesus story through encouraging Generous Space Gatherings. 


Generous Space, a description while not unique to OTC, is the phrase we have adopted to describe the kind of community gatherings which allow people to explore, wonder, question, doubt and feel all the "feels" that come with an evolving faith, and to do this in an empathetic and compassionate community. 


Open Table Communities, while not a church does hold to a spirituality that has an anchoring in the Jesus narrative and is learning to see the Divine through the lens of Jesus.  This has many implications, one of which is that our Generous Space gatherings are radically inclusive of all people who are wanting to live, learn and practice a way of love and generosity.


In order for OTC to continue promoting Generous Space environments where all kinds of folks can discover a healthy and wholistic spirituality, we need your help. We have some very big dreams that can only come true if we have partners like you!  Below are two ways for you to learn more about OTC and be involved in the work of OTC.

"Although I have found helpful voices on social media, it's not the same as being able to listen and share with real people in real time on this journey of "deconstruction/reconstruction" spirituality. It has been a safe place where I have felt seen and heard, a very rare find. Generous Space is gently led with thought provoking questions and conversation that has felt affirming through what could have been a very lonely journey."

-Becky Greenhalf (Generous Space Participant)


" A rare opportunity to share our respective walks with Jesus without any hidden agenda...where hard questions are welcomed and doubt is viewed as a companion to faith."

-Steve Smith (Generous Space)

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