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We all experience the gap between the person that we are and the person that others want us to be or even who we want to become. This journey of becoming always includes reflecting deeply on who we are and how we have been uniquely designed. In addressing this gap, we seek out therapy, join a gym or read the latest self-help book.  These are all great things! In fact they are important aspects of growth. Where we can help is providing the space for you to have a reflection conversation on who you are and what it means to discover greater alignment with your purpose and passions.   

Using the Birkman tool we offer an online assessment accompanied with a coaching conversation that can be a game changer in your relationships, career and fulfillment in life. 

We have folks with Open Table Communities that are trained in transformational coaching and can help you on the road diving deeper into knowing how you are uniquely wired and shaped. We see this as part of your spiritual journey and an opportunity to celebrate You! 

Whether you live close to where Open Table Communities is located or you are from Timbuktu, we can help you! We love using the Zoom platform that connects us with anyone anywhere at anytime. 

Don't delay - let's get started.

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