Generous Space

If you are looking for a community of people to connect with who are interested in connection and community oriented around the way of Jesus, and who are learning to hold the complexities, questions, tensions and challenges that come with a growing and evolving faith, this is an environment you will love!  If you are open to others and open to where the rabbit hole of God's reckless love and grace will take you then put on your Alice in Wonderland shoes and jump in with us!  You just may be surprised with where it leads you. 

Current Series



Get yourself comfortable with a device of your choosing and log into the Open Table Zoom Room.  You are in good hands from there!  We start with some introductions, a little fun and the opportunity to connect with those on your screen.  It's all about the wonderful people you are with.



Each week we have a short 10-15 sharing on a theme that is connected in some way with a life of learning to trust God as we consider the way of Jesus.  Our current series is posted to the left.  The presentation, sharing, story or teaching is done either live with someone in the room or through video.



We have found that the best learning happens through opening up our lives and processing with others.  Having the courage to share and also the courage to listen are key to this process.  We spend 15-20 minutes in smaller breakout rooms discussing the content and learning from and with one-another. 



We end with someone in the community leading some sort of practice that seeks to engage our hearts, encouraging us to trust in God's love and faithfulness.  This may be a spiritual practice such as a prayer, blessing or invitation to simply be silent.  It may be through sharing a story, a breakthrough moment or just expressing gratitude.  Regardless, we will end our time in 90 minutes so you can get up and stretch and perhaps go and put pants on. 


A Generous Space Gathering seeks to practice hospitality, mutuality, empathy and humility.  This space is designed to focus on people over content and trust is God over statements about God.